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What is skin?

  • Our skin is our biggest organ
  • Our skin is 12% of our body weight
  • Our skin is made up of water, proteins, lipids, minerals and chemicals
  • Our skin protects our internal organs and systems from all sorts of external damage and threats to our health
  • Our skin can excrete waste through the sweat glands that also regulate and maintain our 37 deg. C temperature.
  • Our skin is waterproof.
  • Our skin is closely linked to the nervous system by providing the attachment site for hundreds of thousands of sensory nerves, allowing us physical sense: pain, pressure, sensitivity, temperature changes, heat, cold and sensations: soft, sharp, silky to name just a few.
  • Our skin also helps to synthesise Vitamin D from sunlight Ultra Violet rays, where it is distributed throughout the body to strengthen bones, intestines and immune cells.
  • Our skin has 3 basic layers; epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.
  • Our epidermal layer is avascular (no blood vessels)
  • Our dermal layer consists of 2 layers; papillary and reticular; is vascular (has blood vessels); this layer contains the hair follicle, sweat glands and lymph glands.
  • Our hypodermis is the lipid layer, providing the cushioning effect, which forms our figure contours and where the blood vessels enter the skin.

How do I protect my skin?

At Evoque On Brisbane (134 Brisbane Street, Perth) we are all about skin!  Our beautiful Ainhoa products, researched, designed and made in Spain, are perfect for the West Australian climate, dry, hot and windy.

Even if you don’t spend much time outdoors, surfing, gardening or tanning, our air conditioning units can be our best friend and worst enemy, keeping us cool and causing serious dehydration to our body systems.

This type of environmental exposure causes trans epidermal water loss, where the water content of our skin and body is lost through evaporation, and without a proper skin care regime can make our skin dehydrated, dry, give our skin a tough, leathery appearance making us look older than we really are.  We lose the plump, healthy, youthful look.

Of course, it is also important to protect from UV rays, to prevent pigmentation, sun damage and skin cancers; but is this enough?                  

We can have a monthly facial to increase hydration, improve the appearance and suppleness of our skin, but the real benefits come from our daily routines.

The essentials to home care include the correct cleanser; to remove make up, environmental pollutants like dust, pollen and general grime, it is also important to clean the pores of oils and remove dead skin cells, all of which make our skin look dull and lack lustre.  A suitable cleanser will leave your skin looking and feeling fresh and clean.

The next basic essential for home care is a moisturiser; specific for your skin type, a good moisturiser will help to hydrate the skin cells, seal in moisture and prevent moisturiser loss, encourage cell metabolism and renewal all while reducing the formation of wrinkles.

These are just the basics, there are many more additional cosmetics, with amazing modern ingredients, to add into our daily, weekly and monthly routines… the list is never ending…. But as we age it is essential to add in toners, serums and masks, to maintain our collagen, elastin and that youthful glow.

Ainhoa has a wonderful range of products, developed over time and practice, to suit all skin types, requirements and problems.

Starting with the Olive range and Aquasense, simple, effective and inexpensive cleansers and moisturisers.

The rich luxurious Luxe and Luxe Gold, containing the industry maximum of 0.1% microns of gold.  Gold small enough to penetrate the dermis.

The latest Khrono Time Capsule range with 2013 Best Ingredient Award, France, the fantastic Chronodyn and Neodermyl, to energise skin cells, firm, tighten and reduce fatigue, also known as the needle-free collagen and elastin, awakening the cells that moisturise and protect, bringing freshness and vitality, while preventing and delaying the signs of ageing.

This is just an introduction to the Ainhoa possibilities, there is so much more; vitamin C, the Specific range, Royal Jelly range, facial ampules, serums, eye masks, even the Luxury Diamond treatment creams!

Curious yet? Visit Evoque On Brisbane for a full skin analysis and consultation with Sorcha, she is looking forward to talking about your skin health!

Call Sorcha NOW on (08) 9228 8401 and book in for a FREE skin analysis

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