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Indonesian Cream Bath
Lisa, our Massage Therapist, enjoying a cream bath in Bali

Indonesian Cream Baths are here !

Prices reduced by 30% during the October Soft-Opening Launch

Indonesian Cream Baths are one of the most popular hair and scalp treatments in SE Asia. They are popular with Indonesians, tourists as well as expatriates living there.

Although they are called a “bath” it is really only your scalp, neck and shoulders that get “bathed” in the rich, creamy massage oil. The massage treatments cover your entire scalp area, the back of your neck and your shoulder area  -  an absolutely wonderful experience especially for those with head and upper body stiffness due to stress/work.

Our massage therapist, Lisa, recently completed a course in Bali where she received training in the particular style of massage used in Indonesian salons offering these cream bath treatments.


Indonesian Cream Bath Training

The special cream used in this luxurious scalp massage contains nutrients with many health benefits for the scalp. In addition to maintaining the beauty of the hair, the treatment offers nourishment of dry and damaged hair.

There are various “flavours” of cream used in the massage treatments; we will be offering Aloe Vera, Ginseng, Avocado and Anti-Dandruff.

Avocado cream bath is best for dry and damaged hair; it contains oil that will protect and moisturise the damaged hair.

Ginseng cream bath is very suitable for brittle hair and to prevent hair loss; it helps to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp.

Aloe Vera cream bath contains saponins which help kill germs. It also assists in moisturising the hair and giving it a thicker and fuller appearance.

As October is “Soft Opening Month” we are offering a 30% discount on our published rates!
That means:
  • $42 for a 30 minute cream bath
  • $56 for a 45 minute session
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